The following methods can be used at different times of the development process or project and are examples of my services.

It all comes down to asking the right people the right questions at the right time.

Expert  Expert-based methods

User  User-based methods

You would like to find out more? I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Database  Participant database

I am constantly looking for participants for my research studies, which help to improve the usability and ease of use of products, websites, software or mobile applications. The paid interviews are short, fun and do not require any special qualifications.

Are you interested in participating in one of my usability studies or user research projects? Registering yourself in the UsercentriX participant database only takes a minute.

UsercentriX office & research lab

The UsercentriX office features a full usability & UX research lab in Freiburg, Germany. Clients can observe the research sessions live on a large monitor in a light, modern and comfortable observer room.