User Experience, Usability & User Centered Design…Buzz words?

You have most likely come across most of these terms, but do you really know what they mean?

User Experience (UX)

The overall experience of a person using a device, software or website. Usability is just one aspect of this experience. Other components are design, aesthetics, performance and last but not least fun.


“Usability is the extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in a specified context of use”
(Ergonomics of human-system interaction – ISO 9241).

The usability of a product can be assessed and improved using expert- and user-based methods.

User Centered Design (UCD)

UCD is a design philosophy and process in which the needs, desires, and limitations of product users are given attention at every stage of the design and development process.

How are they related?

The usability of a product and the experience of the user are repeatedly assessed and measured throughout a User Centered Design process by utilizing expert- and user-based methods.

Findings are implemented iteratively until the product complies with usability norms and heuristics as well as the defined business goals and identified user needs.

Graphic giving an overview of how UX, Usability and user-centered development work

Why are good usability & UX so important?

  • Certainty
    Your product will get tested either way. If you don’t test its usability before going live, your customers will do it for you.
  • More satisfied customers
    Through useful, meaningful and efficient products.
  • Being ahead of your competitors
    UX & usability research is already a core part of product development in many companies.
  • High ROI
    Easy to use products significantly reduce development, training and customer support costs.

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