„Dear Nicole,
thank you so much for your commitment, your reliability, the excellent impulses and your support over the last few years. Thanks to you, we were able to develop a proper, coordinated research process for our own research department, which also ensures smooth cooperation with workers’ council, data protection and legal departments.
This process enabled us to lay a great and time-efficient foundation for further research activities. In addition, our young researchers were also able to benefit greatly from your wealth of knowledge and were trained by you to become research specialists, so that we were able to gain a sustainable, long-term, high-quality research team. You were always very conscientious and reliable in your collaboration, achieved great results and also paid attention to details that might otherwise have been missed. In addition, the internal clients were very happy with your way of working and organisation. We will miss you.”

Melina Grützmacher 
Customer Experience Managerin der Netze BW
Netze BW, Deutschland 

„Collaborating with Nicole Armbruster was valuable and insightful. Nicole accompanied us from the early scoping, through the research phase and in a team workshop, recapping the results – in a very competent, structured and particularly affectionate manner.
We were especially impressed, how quickly Nicole was able to grasp the individual specifics and complexities of the project so we are now able to continue with a customized approach and optimized capabilities.”

Friederike Niederberger
Stellv. Leitung Marketing & Kommunikation
Solar Promotion, Deutschland

„Dear Nicole,
Your professional and structured approach to our research project really impressed me. Within a very short time frame you managed to get acquainted with complex microscopy topics and discussed with our users at eye level.
You friendly nature and your high level of engagement not only left me, but also our customers with a very positive impression.
We are extremely happy with your comprehensive report and the clearly structured results as well as your recommendations for improvement. From this I am sure we will be able to conclude the right steps for our product.
Thanks a lot for great collaboration”

Michael Gögler
Market Sector Manager at ZEISS Microscopy
Zeiss Mikroscopy, Germany

„Dear Mrs. Armbruster,
Many thanks for your UX and Usability consulting work accompanying our Siedle IQ-project.

Collaborating with you was defined by your dedicated, precise and well-founded support. The outcomes gave our project new and unexpected Input and confirmed preliminary assumptions.
Collaborating with you was not only fun, because of your absolute professionalism, but also because – at every point of the project – we had the feeling that your support was not just work, but that you “lived” our project.

We are looking forward to more projects with you.”

Rainer Huber
Head of sales
S.Siedle & Söhne, Germany

„We have been redesigning the Human-Machine Interface of one of our products, with the aim to create a much more user-friendly and user-centric experience.
It is a huge and complex challenge to find the right balance between usability and simplicity for a complex machine that is used in manufacturing processes.
Nicole’s structured User Experience research, which included contextual interviews in production halls, with real users interacting with our prototype, helped us immensely to improve the user experience.
With her interviews and research analysis, Nicole really helped us to identify and rectify usability problems.
This has resulted in a much better product – more user-friendly and more intuitive to use.”

Vladimir Mijatovic
Product and Innovation Executive
Bystronic, Switzerland

„Dear Nicole,
As a Startup we have no time to lose. With your expertise, thorough and professional, no wasting time approach, we could optimize the turnaround of this particular project and managed in a short time to dynamically set up appointments and carry out a very helpful Usability test, which gave us an additional insight, to what is required to adapt to the intuitiveness of our App VIODAX.
I can highly recommend Usercentrix.”

Barry Fogarty
Vioonic, Germany

“Dear Nicole,
Yesterday we had two meetings, presenting the results of your research. Both meetings were very positive. The first one was a management-review meeting with our executive baord, coordinating the next conceptual steps. The main focus will now be on concept number two, as recommended in and by your research results.
The second meeting was with our innovation team where the main focus was to show, how research can be done in the time of the Corona-pandemic. Everyone was very impressed by the team’s and in particular your efford.”

Project Manager
Innovation & New Business

“Collabortaing with Nicole (UsercentriX) in the field of UX Research and Usability Testing is fun and efficient. Nicole has carried out several Research and Usability-Test Projects for us. Thanks to her experience and passion, the insights Nicole generated for us, were always valuable and enabled us to make product decisions in a very user centered way.”

Mathias Tanner
Leader Product Design Comparis.ch
Comparis.ch, Switzerland

“Thank you again for the pleasant and informative In-house Usability Workshop you prepared and moderated for us. Participant feedback was very positive throughout. We will use the insights from this workshop in our redesign process of our intranet portal.

Michael Kurray
Representative Team lead IT Department
Karl Späh, Germany

“Thanks to Nicole’s competent and professional preparation and completion of usability tests, target audience research interviews as well as online surveys, we were able to gain valuable insights for both web (re)designs as well as user experience.
Nicole has a sharp analytical view of results and keeps presenting us with insights, that turn out to be key for our conceptional development.
Her creative and down-to-earth nature helped us many times to recruit adequate target audiences even if the those were difficult to find.”

Iris Paech
Team lead Web-Strategy/Online-Marketing,
Haufe Akademie GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

“UsercentriX provided professional and timely services in the areas of user survey and site usability competitive analysis. Nicole was very insightful and brought her rich experiences, that were very valuable to our project.
She was actively engaged with the team throughout the process. We truly enjoyed working with her and would highly recommend her!”

Sonia Karkare
GeoMSF Program Manager
Médecins sans Frontières (MSF), Germany

“Nicole accompanied our start-up from a very early stage onwards. Initially there wasn’t much content to test yet – the goal was rather to identify our target audiences’ needs and Nicole supported us throughout this entire process.
She not only focused on her original research tasks, but provided us with valuable additional input.
The results of the needs interviews with potential customers were and are still very valuable to our team and to be honest we got much more out of the research than expected.
We are looking forward to the next opportunity to work with Nicole.”

Tilmann Walz
mimeno (former medimove female), Germany

“I asked for Nicole’s help to sharpen the user experience and flow of our www.kuukuu.in<http://www.kuukuu.in> website. I felt like I had become blind to see the issues on the site after working for long time on it. She took a pragmatic and sturdy approach to it, which I really enjoyed.
If you feel stuck with your site, I highly recommend getting in touch with Nicole. She will help you to see if clients can understand what you offer, if the site flow is consistent and how you move your customer across your service.
Thank you Nicole!

Joona Puhakka
kuukuu, Finland

“Hi Nicole, Thanks for having us in your comfortable observer room in your office. Watching the customer interviews “live” made us to better understand how our customers work, get a feeling for their processes and caused an “Aha-moment” in our team. Your feedback and analysis help us to continuously improve lexoffice. We look forward to continue the good collaboration with you.”

Markus Griesbaum
Project manager
lexoffice, Germany

“Thank you so much, Nicole, for supporting the lexoffice development team with any questions we had concerning usability and user experience related topics. Your extensive and long-standing expertise in conducting usability labs was particularly valuable and we plan to continue to make use of it in the future. The UX Workshops and trainings you did for our existing team as well as new team members, were very helpful. The fast and efficient expert quick-checks and the feedback they provided were a great support in the development and redesign process of (new) lexoffice features.

Dr. Carsten Block
Project Manager
lexoffice, Germany

“We were positively surprised by how substantial and detailed the UsercentriX quick-check expert evaluation was, given the short project time. Our positive impression was further amplified by Nicole’s ability to present her findings in a competent and friendly manner.”

Project manager
Travel Company, Germany

“Nicole is wonderfully talented at running user testing and helping us to make sense of the data. Her research has guided us toward better usability and design on many global sites. She also ensures that we are connecting effectively with our worldwide audiences by running usability tests with a representative sample reflecting language and cultural differences.

I would highly recommend working with Nicole if you want usability testing that delivers excellent value and results for your business.”

Jeordan Legon
Director of Interactive Media
Harvard Medical School, USA

“Nicole did a fantastic job as she led usability tests for some of our digital assets. I had the great privilege of collaborating with her while I was with different employers, two major Fortune 500 companies.

She successfully performed usability tests for external and internal digital channels alike. In our latest collaboration, she showed clear expertise testing a major global and cross-functional channel targeting an audience of 50 000+ people.

She is a real expert and is always prepared and comes with all the needed equipment for the testing; her flexibility and business acumen helps her customers to capitalise on the strengths and efficiently work on the pain points to deliver a successful end result that users love.

I would definitely recommend Nicole both on the personal and professional level, and would not hesitate to collaborate with her again.”

Christine Jacob
Digital Marketing & Communications Strategist, CEO title=”External link to Carsten Block’s profile”
Digi bridges, Switzerland

We started the conceptual process for our mobile app ‘factis’ more than 2 years ago. After developing the concept of the app, our concept lead recommended to include user research into the development process. Initially we felt no need for this, since we know our customers’ needs inside out, however we decided to give it a go and engaged Nicole for the user research.

She completed two rounds of usability/concept tests with future customers using an interactive prototype: one at the start and one before final implementation. The test results were a valuable source for the subsequent steps of the development process.

Including user research throughout the project was a decision we don’t regret making. A great experience and important validation of the investments we made.”

Dr. Harald Fischer
factis, Germany

“Nicole conducted usability testing for my client (a global company) surrounding their .com storytelling content hub. She was an absolute pleasure to work with.

We were a bit unclear on what we were trying to achieve when the project started, and Nicole jumped right in and set us on the right track. She moved quickly and with incredible attention to detail, and handled really tight timelines and little direction with ease.

Nicole truly understands this industry, and she was so easy to work with. She took our challenges in stride and did an incredible job of keeping us on track. And the results proved it – they were insightful and clear and gave us a great vision for where this program needs to go to be successful.”

Stacey Bernstein
Executive Vice President, Global Director of Digital Health
weber shandwick, United Kingdom

“We would like to thank Nicole for helping us get closer to our customers. In a one-day workshop, full of valuable insights, we learned about different user experience principles and methods we could use to reach them. Many examples and practical tips helped to sensitize our participating team on the topics of usability and user experience, which showed results in our development process. Although our applications become more and more complex, we now manage to develop them in a more user friendly and uncomplicated way.”

Zoltan Demeter
RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co. KG, Germany

“Many thanks for the interesting, informative and stimulating morning and discussions in the UX-Consulting Workshop you did for us.”

Chris Mavergames
Director of Web Development
The Cochrane Collaboration, Germany & UK

“In a two-day training course, Nicole gave our development team a great overview of the field of usability and user experience as well as various research methods, such as usability tests and expert evaluations. The combination of practical examples with group exercises resulted in a high awareness and deep understanding of the topic.

Nicole also completed multiple rounds of expert evaluations as part of an iterative development process. Nicole was very competent, showed a high level of detail orientation and quickly grasped the technical details. Her friendly and engaging nature was a great addition to our team.”

Manfred Stetz
Founder & Head of Development
United Planet, Germany

“It has been a pleasure to work with Nicole. Her great user testing skills helped demonstrate the value of the User-Centred-Design process within Bupa.

Nicole is very disciplined, extremely organised and works well under pressure. Her strong interpersonal and communication skills allows her to develop good working relationships with both her colleagues and stakeholders.”

Elizabeth Pek
User Experience Lead (Contract)
Bupa Australia, Australia

“Nicole is passionate and knowledgeable in the user experience field. She is professional, yet approachable, and was a delight to work with. Nicole’s strengths lie in her ability to advocate for sound user experience with strong supporting research evidence, making it easy for the clients to make informed business decisions.”

Ulla Yip
Senior Consultant and Psychologist, Manager Human Resources

“This is a fairly standard “letter of recommendation” for a very exceptional person, Nicole Armbruster. In the past three years of working with her in the United States following the completion of her Master’s degree in Psychology, she has impressed our entire team with her work ethic and talent.

She is self-running, detail-oriented, proactive and quick to learn in a new situation. She takes full responsibility over her projects and deliverables and is incredibly resourceful. I am confident she will surpass expectations when brought on for independent projects and/or longer term work.
Nicole’s primary focus was contextual research and usability testing. At gotomedia, she was self-running from the start, and has been our key resource for our testing needs for the last three years. She has worked with our key clients including Kodak Easy Share, Epson America, Shaklee Corporation, VeriSign, IEEE, VMWare, WebEx and Technorati just to name a few.
She has set up, developed the test plans for, recruited, tested and produced both informal and formal reports for more than 40 projects. In addition to providing traditional usability moderation and reports, she has very successfully managed simultaneous projects start to finish, supervised three interns as well as our external contractors, developed methodologies and a mobile camera solution, set up remote testing and viewing, created an internal usability lab and acted as a project manager.
Because of her exceptional nature, we sponsored her an H1 Visa. I cannot recommend her more enthusiastically.”

Kelly Goto
gotomedia LLC., USA


International customers I have serviced include:

RUD Ketten
Gebeco Reisen
Lohmann & Birkner
METRO Deutschland
Facit Digital
United Planet
Haufe Akademie
The Cochrane Collaboration
weber shandwick
Médecins sans Frontières (MSF)
Karl Späh
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Externer Link zu Vioonic.com
Metro Markets
DKV Mobility
Zeiss Microscopy
Solar Promotion
Netze BW

Other companies I worked for or with through the following clients, were:

    • SC Freiburg (client of kultwerk)
    • USA: Shaklee | IEEE | Technorati | Kodak Gallery | Symantec (all clients of gotomedia)
    • Australia: Virgin Australia | Resmed | Australian Government (all clients of PTG Global)
    • Australia: Bupa Australia